Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Carl S. Leichter csl at holmes.lanl.gov
Fri Oct 15 10:15:24 EST 1993

	At the Hillenbrandt (sp?) Biomedical Engineering Center in 
Purdue Universtiy researchers have developed a device called the "Tacker Wacker".
It generates an INTENSE localized magnetic field for non-invasive cortical
stimulation.  To the best of my knowledge it has been used exclusively on the
somatosensory regions of the human cortex.  I have asked if this device 
had ever been applied to the frontal lobes and what the results were.  Dr.
Tacker's reply was short: "You don't want to do that".

	 I do not believe they are currently using the device in any of their

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Carl S. Leichter csl at holmes.lanl.gov	 

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