brain chemistry and mystical experiences

John M. Price ez001932 at othello.ucdavis.edu
Sun Oct 10 23:11:33 EST 1993

Douglas Fitts (dfitts at carson.u.washington.edu) wrote:
: ST201334 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Kerregador) writes:

: >     Todd Stark mentioned something about Kandel's work on learning
: >pathways in Aplysia Californica.  If memory serves me, I believe
: >the specific transmitter he found to be involved was serotonin,
: >released from axo-axonic synapses.  Hmmm.  Coincidentally or not,
: >this has been the transmitter most frequently associated with
: >mystical experiences in humans...

: A problem here -- Aplysia serotonin finds happiness in a completely 
: different receptor from the 5-HT in you and me.

Ah, but the receptor's the thing!  There's the variability!  (Well that
and the linkages later..)  After all, acetylcholine slows the heart, and
speeds the gut!  Another point against the neurotransmitter - behavior
link!  Perhaps an embedded systems approach?  Well, I'll leave this for
later.  I need to talk to an engineer to clarify my analogy first.


: Doug Fitts
: dfitts at u.wasnington.eduy

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