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Mark S. Bilk msb at netcom.com
Mon Oct 18 01:10:02 EST 1993

In article <sheafferCEHqAy.J3M at netcom.com> sheaffer at netcom.com (Robert Sheaffer) writes:
>In article <mcgrath.748832803 at hyperius> mcgrath at hyperius.cs.uiuc.edu (Robert McGrath) writes:
>>Some of his claims are:
>>  1.  He has studied "micro-seizures" of the temporal lobes.  This is sort of
>>  like invisible epilepsy.  Or maybe its normal for some people but noone 
>>  noticed it before.
>Turning to Chiropractic theory, we find a concept quite analagous
>to this. Perhaps Persinger should refer to this as "subluxations of
>the mind"?  :)

You draw a totally unwarranted analogy to a phenomenon you don't
believe in, as a way of jeering at Persinger.

This is much sleazier "reasoning" than the sort you condemn in others.

I think you just bit yourself in the butt.

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