Help Needed - PLEASE READ!

Ajay Dhankhar ADHANKHA at biomed.med.yale.edu
Mon Oct 25 12:36:53 EST 1993

Dear netters:

I urgently seek the help of anybody with access to the following article:

"Cerebral oxidative phosphorylation studied with PET" by Fujita H, Kuwabara H,
Ohta S, Ribeiro L, Rajagopal S, Marrett S, Evans S, Meyer S, and A Gjedde.  In
Proceedings of the 6th Annual Turku conference on the medical applications of
cyclotrons, 1992.

I have requested the abstract from inter-library loan but will probably not get
it via that avenue for at least another 2-3 weeks.  In the meantime, I need it
for my qualifying exam on November 5th (explaining the desperate urgency!).

Short of bonded slavery (and even that's negotiable :-)), any remuneration you
desire would be acceptable.  At the very least, I'll buy you a round of beer at
any future conference that we happen to meet at :-))
						^^^^ suck up double smiley.

My phone mumbers are:  (feel free to call collect)
res : 203-772-3081
work: 203-785-6170

fax:  203-785-6643

Thanks a lot.

Ajay Dhankhar
Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Yale University School of Medicine

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