Individual variability of higher brain functions

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Fri Oct 29 07:34:36 EST 1993

Dear, colleagues,

  I'm interesting in higher brain function, and now developing 
non-linear transformation of MRI and PET images
for intersubject transformation(which is aimed at averaging several 
PET brain images).  Our colleagues have made an image transformation 
program, so I'm enhancing and testing it with real MRI (and soon, PET 
images) to build our system and write a paper.

  In validating non-linear transformation, a question came up to me;
each function resides in its place.  Then, is each function bound
to its gyrus ?   I had been believing so, but I found in a book(Exploring
brain functional anatomy with positron tomography), a description
that primary sensory and motor functions are bound to their gyri(ie,
post and precentral gyri, respectively), while higher-order processes
tend not to be bound to their proper gyri.  But the reason are not
written(because it is in a discussion held by several researchers).
He says that higher order processes are rather fixed to their relative 
location, instead of their proper gyri, so that linear transformation 
is good, in spite of gyral variation.

  Does anybody know which is correct ?  I want embryological or 
microanatomical basis.  But it might be difficult to say what is correct
because PET(with low resolution:-)) and fMRI(which is immature now) are
the only modalities which can make images of brain functions.
   Any hints, suggestions would be appreciated.

Tetsuji Rai
Department of Radiology, Hospital attached to University of Tokyo
tel : +81-3-3557-3936
fax : +81-3-3993-0323
email : trai at twics.co.jp

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