MRI Data Format

Stev Thomas ai969 at Freenet.carleton.ca
Sat Oct 30 03:16:06 EST 1993

Dear Colleagues,

	As a neuroscientist gone programmer (towards becoming a
computatinal neuroscientist) I want to develop a viewer for MRI
	What I would like to know, from as many respondants as
possible is:
	1. Where can I get information about the data format of
the MRI data file.
	2. Where can I get some sample data
	3. What is the type/bran of scanner you use
	4. What sort of software do you use to view
	5. Is any of this on the public domain
	   Is anyone interested in a cooperative development

	I've a traditional background stereotactic electrophysiol.
and neuroanatomy.  I want to continue to research in neuroanatomy
but using MRI / PET data from a large sample of the population.
	If the tools for this sort of imaging and statistical
analysis are already available I would be very happy if someone
whould tell me.  There is no point in reinventing the wheel.

Thanks, in advance,


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