lateralization in me?

Fri Apr 1 12:52:58 EST 1994

I wouldn't worry about it.  
I am a lefty too and while growing up, I was wrongly instructed as to which
hand was right or left.  I too have trouble telling left from right.
As to the lateral stimulation goosebumping, I get goosebumps on one half of
my body depending on the side of the body stimulated.  Right ear, right
So I don't think you are that strange.  Perhaps it is a lefty trait, but I
wouldn't worry about it.  Lefty.

In article <2n0n3o$gdc at lovecraft.convex.com>, jjohnson at convex.com (Jennifer
L. Johnson) wrote:
> I have what I think is a very unusual characteristic that I am hoping
> someone in this group can help me identify, or at least tell me it's 
> not that unusual.  If this isn't the place to post this kind of
> inquiry, I'm sure someone will set me straight.  :)
> All my life (37 years), I've responded to emotional stimuli by goosebumping.
> Even the slightest emotional response makes me puff up like a cat.  What's
> unusual is that I goosebump on just one side of my body.  I can see the
> dividing line right down the middle of my torso.  AND, the side that responds
> depends on whether the emotional stimulus is visual or auditory, i.e., 
> one side responds to things I hear, the other to things I see or read.
> I think this is unusual because, first of all, I've never known anyone
> who goosebumped as easily as I do (friends say I could never poker; I'd
> puff up if I had a good hand  ;-).  And though I know some people do
> respond sometimes by goosebumping, I've never known or heard of anyone
> who got goosebumps on just one side.
> I don't know if this figures in, but I'm left-handed, and I CANNOT
> distinguish left from right.
> I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's heard of this anomaly and/or
> has any idea as to its cause.
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