Nature Vs. Nuture?

Stephan Anagnostaras stephan at hannibal.psych.ucla.edu
Fri Apr 1 03:28:49 EST 1994

In article <CnKDGL.EDn at ritz.mordor.com> bluangel at ritz.mordor.com (Jason Stessel) writes:
>	If anyone knows anywhere I can get some good information of 
>whether or not intelligence is due to heredity, or education, please 
>leave me EMAIL.  Any information would be great(IE: Studies, FTP'S, 
>gopher sites, magazines, anything!).  Thanks 
>Blue Angel

For an article strongly supporting the Nature viewpoint, look for
Sandra Scarr's presidential address.

However, if you were smart, you would avoid this debate altogether.
It's an unsolvable and stupid debate that has 20-year cycles -
each upheaval lasts about 5 years before both sides realize they
are both wrong, and we all have to listen to them fight in the
meantime. Unfortunately, we have about 2 more years to go in this

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