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In article <FpantARBBh107h at phillips.boulder.co.us>,
wayne at phillips.boulder.co.us (Wayne F. Phillips) wrote:

> I have just started exploring BioMOO, and have found it very
> interesting. However, for a novice, it is hard to find one's way
> around, and know how to do things. The tutorial was helpful, but
> only covers the basics.
> I would find some kind of FAQ or 'user manual' very helpful to learn
> to use BioMOO efficiently. Is there such a thing?

Dear Wayne....

At the moment no FAQ exists as within BioMOO people have created various
notepads, blackboards, etc...

Try @examine them or @read them - you will find many useful items on these

for example go to the library (it is NW or NE of the central room) - if you
type map while in the central room it will show you.

A very good form of an FAQ is WatsonCrick's programming FAQ. This is in the

I had a pretty good one (in my office (MBO)) but i seem to have erased 90%
off it while altering something.

Any probs. or qus. then email me and i can arrange for myself or someone
else to help you out.



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