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In article <2nrvu6$2ll at usenet.ins.cwru.edu> ery2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Edwin R. Yeh)
>In a previous article, leach at mbcrr.harvard.edu (Martin Leach) says:
ML>>for example go to the library (it is NW or NE of the central room) - if you
ML>>type map while in the central room it will show you.
ERY>Is there anyway to go "directly" to the place (say the library or
ERY>the neuroscience "seminar" room? At Freenet here, we can type
[stuff deleted]

My favorite way of moving around in the BioMOO (once I have a map, like
the one Martin describes) is:

@go #9999

where 9999 is the number of the place you want to go.

For example, the seminar room where journal clubs are held is #343.

@go #343

will take you there directly.  The library is #633.

Hope this helps.

Jim (TJ on the BioMOO)

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