can moile phones cause brain tumours??

Sandee Anna-Maria Szarka u9259228 at wumpus.cc.uow.edu.au
Fri Apr 1 08:24:01 EST 1994

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        My father died of a brain tumour in 1991.He had one of the best
neurosurgeons in the world but they still couldn't determine what had
caused the tumour in the first place.He was a very healthy man who didn't
smoke,drink,etc.. and sustained a very good diet.
       I heard just recently on a science program (can't remember exactly
which one)that there was some evidence to suggest that the use of certain
mobile phones can have an effect on the brain cells and cause cancer.I am
not sure about the accuracy of this information but if anyone has any
information relating to this topic could they please let me know.(Excuse
my nievity on the subject of neuroscience..I have never studied it
      Thanx in advance
             Sandee Szarka

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