brain and insulin

Bill Skaggs bill at nsma.arizona.edu
Thu Apr 7 16:08:07 EST 1994

pdoyle at medsun.unige.ch (Patrick Doyle) writes:

   I am interested in talking with anyone or specific groups that are looking
   at insulin and its related effects on brain glucose metabolism.In
   particular brain region specific effects are of most interest as I have
   results showing that insulin after given to rats for 4 days in steady state
   conditions causes area related effects in areas such as the locus coeruleus
   and the dentate gyrus.Has anyone knowledge of a good reference point or raw
   data of possible connections between these areas?

There is quite a strong projection from the L.C. to the dentate gyrus.
A good general reference for all such matters is the following:

  author = 	 "L. W. Swanson and C. Kohler and A. Bjorklund",
  title = 	 "The Limbic region. {I}: The septohippocampal
  booktitle =	 "Handbook of Chemical Neuroanatomy",
  publisher =	 "Elsevier",
  year =	 1987,
  editor = 	 "A Bjorklund and T. Hokfelt and L. W. Swanson",
  volume =	 5,
  chapter =	 "II",
  pages =	 "125--277"

	-- Bill

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