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I have been diagnosed with tic douloureux [TN] by two Neurologists and a
GP. The second Neurologist may have been influenced by the findings of the
first Neurologist. Is there a specific test a neurologist would perform to
differentiate between TN and Eagle's syndrome [IS this glossopharyngeal
neuralgia] for that matter multiple sclerosis? 
Would the MRI and subsequent radiological reading of those films be
conclusive in determining if the problem is glossopharyngeal neuralgia as
opposed to Trigeminal Neuralgia or can the reading be inconclusive? 
My pain will last from one to two minutes and radiate along the entire
right side of the face all the way from the jaw to the ear. It does occur
at night whereas, my understanding is that with TN that would be unusual.
The pain is usually triggered also by talking and yawning and if I am not
taking enough tegretol when starting to run [I run 4-5 miles daily]. If it
is glossopharyngeal neuralgia what would be the treatment as opposed to
TN? Would the same treatment be indicated and would surgical padding of
the artery work as well or is this an entirely different disease which
would require an entirely different treatment? 
 Hank Roth

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