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Hey, after 15 years of feeling like crap in the winter and like a million
bucks in the summer, an article in Scientific American Jan 1989

"Carbohydrates and Depression" page 68 and a book entitled Winter
Blues by Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D. ,

I feel like a couple hundred grand any time I want.  How? By
sitting in front of a two bulb flourescent shop light for about
an hour in the morning.  \When I start to get that real groggy
feeling, about an hour after sunset, I can knock it out in about
three minutes with another dose of light!  Never made the connection,
although have heard about SAD for years.  Dramatic improvement first
day, sitting in sunlight and or a few feet from light fixture.  Astounding
improvement after just 4 days.  Timer turns on smaller bedside lamp
an hour before wakeing up mornings, and now I bounce right out of bed
instead of oversleeping/dragging myself out.  

Did not imagine improvement would be this good or this fast.

Home Experiments: : be careful not to ruin your eyesight!
UV radiation is painless but quickly destroys the retina!

Now, How do all those neurotransmitters interact in this?
(serotonin, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, dopamine, more)

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