Sinus Infections/Migranes/P. Colitis question

Trevor Hedden ah202 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Apr 13 13:38:58 EST 1994

I've got a question I'd like to know if anyone can shed any light
on. If this is not the best area for this question, please let
me know and I'll try again in other areas.
     The question: My mom has pseudomembranous colitis and needs
to avoid antibiotics. Unfortunately, she gets frequent sinus
infections (the cause of many migranes, perhaps) and needs to
*avoid* said antibiotics. Are there any ways to deal with this
situation short of taking antibiotics?
     Any suggestions for reducing or eliminating this situation
gladly accepted. Prefer private E-mail please.
     Thanks for taking the time to help.

     -Trevor Hedden

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