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Edwin R. Yeh ery2 at po.CWRU.Edu
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In a previous article, stocean at asterix.saclay.cea.fr () says:

>	Hello,
>I am presently questioning myself about relationships between the outer
>real world and the inner world of conscience (wide subject...)
>I am looking for a popularization book about neuroscience who would
>summarize the present knowledge of the brain fuctionment.
>I am especially interested in these more specific subjects:
>inner representation of the reality (image, sound... "formation" in the brain)
>language and cognition 

Two "popular" books (i.e. written for the layman) come to mind.
"Wet Mind" by Kosslyn and Koenig and "The Brain" by Resnick.
"Wet Mind", as I recall, attempted to synthesize what is known
qualitatively about the functions of the brain and represent,
using a system's approach, what our conscious perceives.
"The Brain" covers many interesting aspects of "general" neuroscience
and is based on a PBS popular serie with the same title. Both books
are several years old now. Dr. Calvin of U. Washinton have written
several popular books like the "Cerebral Symphony" and the "Ascend of
the Mind" among other books. Since he frequently contributs to 
bionet.neuroscience, perhaps, he will suggest other books?

If you need specific details (i.e. publisher, year, etc) of 
aforementioned books, send me an e-mail and I will try to dig 
those books out...

Good luck!

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