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William Calvin wcalvin at u.washington.edu
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ery2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Edwin R. Yeh) writes:
>In a previous article, stocean at asterix.saclay.cea.fr () says:

>>	Hello,
>>I am presently questioning myself about relationships between the outer
>>real world and the inner world of conscience (wide subject...)
>>I am looking for a popularization book about neuroscience who would
>>summarize the present knowledge of the brain fuctionment.
>>I am especially interested in these more specific subjects:
>>inner representation of the reality (image, sound... "formation" in the brain)
>>language and cognition 
>are several years old now. Dr. Calvin of U. Washinton have written
>several popular books like the "Cerebral Symphony" and the "Ascend of
>the Mind" among other books. Since he frequently contributs to 
>bionet.neuroscience, perhaps, he will suggest other books?
General books on the brain and cog sci are plentiful; I hate to list my
favorites because of all the ones I'll leave out.  But in french, you can

Jean-Pierre Changeux, Neuronal Man (Oxford University Press
1986; translation of L'Homme Neuronal, Fayard 1983).

In English (and some are translated), I like:

Richard L. Gregory, The Oxford Companion to the Mind (Oxford
University Press 1987).

Michael I. Posner, Marcus E. Raichle, Images of Mind (Freeman

Scientific American special issues on the brain, September 1979 and
September 1992.

J. Allan Hobson, The Dreaming Brain (Basic Books 1988), p.133.

Daniel C. Alkon, Memory's Voice:  Deciphering the Mind-Brain
Code (HarperCollins 1992).

Michael S. Gazzaniga, editor, The Cognitive Neurosciences (MIT
Press, 1994).

Marvin Minsky, The Society of Mind (Simon & Schuster 1985).

Daniel C. Dennett, Consciousness Explained (Little Brown 1991). 
Even better will be his next book, Darwin's Dangerous Idea.

You can browse three of my own brain books by using gopher on the
internet (the command line would be   gopher gopher.well.com  and
then go to the Science topic); the table of contents and the first several
chapters are available for downloading.
   The Cerebral Symphony 
   The Ascent of Mind 
   Conversations with Neil's Brain:  The Neural Nature of Thought
      and Language (just out).
The gopher also has a list of translations and ordering information. 
Hope this helps.
    William H. Calvin   WCalvin at U.Washington.edu
    University of Washington  NJ-15
    Seattle, Washington 98195 FAX:1-206-720-1989

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