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In addition to Bill Calvin's books, which I think are enchanting and
thought provoking as well as lucid and accurate, I would suggest
The Science of Mind, an introductory edited collection on many
aspects of neuroscience (unfortunately the editor's and publisher's names
escape me!).  There are brief but very focused and clear essays by well known 
authors in the field introducing most of the big ideas in neuroscience and 
cognitive science.

A little more technical but still overview-level is 
"Dialogues in Cognitive Neuroscience" by Ledoux et al., Cambridge Press.
Has a number of neuroscientists and psychologists/cognitive scientists
writing articles on the same subject (such as perception, attention, memory,
or emotion) and then reviewing and critiquing each other's article to see
how they view the subject differently.  

An old favorite for _easy_-reading on the subject is Judith Hooper
and Dick Teresi's "The Three Pound Universe," published by Tarcher.

Also entirely non-technical, Jon Franklin won the Pulitzer Prize for a series 
of articles popularizing various aspects neuroscience research, especially 
molecular psychology.  His book, "Molecules of the Mind : THe Brave New Science
of Molecular Psychology" dramatizes pivotal research such as the 
experimental verification of opiate receptors and the advent of effective
psychotropic drugs.  ISBN 0-440-50005-2, 1987, Dell Publishing.

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