Bovine encephalopathy

Mr Neville Steven Percy spbcnsp at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 20 06:47:51 EST 1994

lydgate at reed.edu (Chris Lydgate) writes:

>Any of you prion junkies familiar with the case of Vicky Rimmer, a British
>schoolgirl who took ill with symptoms that resemble Creutzfeldt-Jakob
>disease?  Apparently the British media had a field day with this one because
>her parents said she was fond of hamburgers.

I saw a documentary a coupla months ago, featuring the bereavement of a 
schoolgirl's mum, which must be the same one; two such cases would be a whole 
lot less easy to dismiss as a scientific curiosity and we would have heard.

The programme said hamburgers were Vicky's favourite food, but no one in their 
right mind thinks that's a substantive link.  Hamburgers are the favourite of 
most teenagers!  Indeed, the fact that eating BSE material should have given a 
human CJD -- which wouldn't be expected to become pathological until around 
40-50 -- has been used to suggest that Vicky's case can't be definitely 
attributed to to BSE at all. 

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