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>Has anyone considered how neocortex evolved? I've heard that it probably
>came from paleocortex, but paleocortex is characterized by afferent
>sensory input arriving at Layer 1, while neocortex receives its input
>via the thalamus in layer 4. The pyramidal cells appear to be organized
>similarly in both, but neocortex has 6 layers while paleo has 3. If neo
>came from paleo, how did it lose its layer 1 inputs? Has anyone tried to
>do a cladistic analysis of the tetrapod brain????

I think the overall answer is that neo didn't come from paleo.  A paper
that might help out is:

Butler, A.B (1994) The evolution of the dorsal pallium in the telencephalon
of amniotes:  cladistic analysis and a new hypothesis.  Brain Res. Reviews,
19: 66-101.

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