HELP with Reference for Dissertation Needed!!!

Eva Simmons '89 weevey at dopey.cc.utexas.edu
Sun Apr 24 16:18:40 EST 1994


    I presently working on finishing up my dissertation and I need a *bit*
of help.
    One of the references for it is incomplete.  The post-doc that worked in
my research group a ways back (2 or 3 years ago) copied a chapter from a book,
but didn't record which book or anything about the publication of the book. :(
All I have is the following information on it:

	S. H. Hendry (****)  "Recent advances in understanding the
	intrinsic circuitry of the cerebral cortex." In: ?  
	(Chapter 13)
    I know that the author is located in the Department of Anatomy and 
Neurobiology at the University of California in Irvine.
    Does anyone recognize this title and author and might have a copy of
the book this came from on hand?   If so, it would be much appreciated if
someone could forward on the information that I *so* desperately need...:)
    I've done a search in *Biological Abstracts* back to 1978 and *Medline*
for whatever time period is available on the "Silver Platters".  I've also
looked in the *Science Citation Index* and the *Applied Science and Tech-
nology Index*.   I'm starting to run out of options...

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