Emulsion autoradiography

I don't let my friends get hanged. ssl7091 at ocvaxa.cc.oberlin.edu
Sun Apr 24 17:54:57 EST 1994

I am in the midst of designing a protocol for a receptor binding study
to demonstrate binding of neuropeptide Y to the pituitary gland (anterior,
I hope).  We are condsidering emulsion autoradiography due to its greater
resolution, but I am having difficulty finding references from which to de-
rive a protocol.  There are general protocol papers (i.e. Kuhar et al. '85,
'86), but I have failed to find anything either recent or specific. Any
ideas would be appreciated; you can E-mail me directly at ssl7091 at ocvaxa.cc.
oberlin.edu or sleupen at merle.acns.nwu.edu.  Thanks a lot!
-Sarah Leupen

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