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On 25 Apr 1994, PNEWS wrote:

> I always watch fat intake as a percentage of calories and excercise 
> obsessively, but lately still gaining weight. Just switched to baclofen 
> and understand to tends to increase weight. How does it do this? Is there 
> an effective way to counter-act the weight gain side effect? I'm also on 
> tegretol and considering cutting back on baclofen, but as a relaxant it 
> has been somewhat effective in treatment of tic...
> -Hank-
	I was on baclofen,for extraparymidal(SP) side effects-read 2nd
generation of side effects from US Army Medical/VA Medical treatment-, 
for about six months.  I am a tall(6'2"), thin build (145 lbs) white male
of 25 years of age. I've always had a problem putting and keeping weight
on.  As far as I can remember the baclofen had little or no effect on my
weight and everything connected with it.  I don't have My PDR handy but If
I recall correctly the effect on weight(or lack their of) has to do with
your metabolism and the chief complaint-what you take it for.  I wish I
could help you more but all I have to offer is first hand experience and a
lot of information for Basic EMT's.

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