HELP with Reference for Dissertation Needed!!!

Su K. Koester at SC2.salk.edu
Mon Apr 25 21:47:19 EST 1994

In article <2penng$de3 at dopey.cc.utexas.edu> Eva Simmons '89,
weevey at dopey.cc.utexas.edu writes:
>     One of the references for it is incomplete.  The post-doc that
worked in
> my research group a ways back (2 or 3 years ago) copied a chapter from
a book,
> but didn't record which book or anything about the publication of the
book. :(
> All I have is the following information on it:
> 	S. H. Hendry (****)  "Recent advances in understanding the
> 	intrinsic circuitry of the cerebral cortex." In: ?  
> 	(Chapter 13)

I'm not 100% positive but it looks like a chapter from the Cerebral
Cortex series of books.  It's an 8 volume series published by Plenum
Press over several years, edited by A. Peters and E. G. Jones, bound in
dark red and black, that should be in any medical library.  Hope that's

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