Bovine encephalopathy

Martin Leach leach at mbcrr.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 26 21:12:22 EST 1994

I know i have already mentioned this.

It appears striking:

1. The ARIA protein isolated by Fischbach et. al. (was isolated while
looking for a protein that transports AchR's to the NM junction) has a very
high sequence similarity (protein) when compared to the prion protein
(60-70%). Furthermore, mutations in prion gene correspond to regions of
sequence similarity.

2. The hexapeptide repeat (number differs in insertional mutations) is a
very similar seq to a repeat found in the b-amyloid protein.
(prohisglyglygly... vs proglyglygly...................). This region in the
b-amyloid is thought to be involved in binding to the microtubules in
neurons. Disruption of binding resulting in amyloid plaques (correct me if
im wrong). 


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