LaTeX style file for neurosci. abstracts

Paul Cisek pavel at kendall.bu.edu
Thu Apr 28 15:31:08 EST 1994

For all those looking for a LaTeX template for Neuroscience abstracts,
here's a style file one of my teachers constructed:

--------------------------(cut here)-------------------------------
% neuro-abs.sty  --  April 1991
% For Neuroscience Meeting Abstracts
% Developed by Paolo Gaudiano, Boston University, gaudiano at cns.bu.edu
% This style option is designed to work with the article document
% style of LaTeX.  Use
% \documentstyle[neuro-abs]{article}

% Set up the parameters for the size and location of text on the page.

% The parameters print the text within the blue box on the standard form.

\oddsidemargin 2.1in		% Left margin = 3.0" (1" always added)
\textwidth 4.7in		% Leave 0.1" on either side of blue line

\topmargin 2.85in		% Distance from top

\headheight 0pt			% 
\headsep 0pt			% 

\textheight 4.65in

\footskip .2in  % Distance from bottom of text to bottom of foot,
	        % which is where page number goes for preliminary
	        % pages. Hence number will be 0.6" from bottom.


% Scientific-style bibliography: no number, first line indented backwards
 \def\newblock{\hskip .11em plus .33em minus -.07em}

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