Cryostat help!

Dave Pataky pataky at bdc.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 27 18:49:58 EST 1994

Anybody out there know why Tissue-Tek, presumably designed for embedding
samples for cryostat cutting, is so $##@***%* annoying to work with?  The
problem:  I'm cutting chick embryonic brain tissue, anywhere from 10-40
microns, at -20 and no matter what I try the sections won't stop curling
up, rolling into tubes as soon as I lift the antiroll plate.  I've tried
adjusting the blade angle, the "anti-roll" (that's a joke) plate, the
temperature, speed of cutting, new blade (disposable), nothing works. 
Ideally I'd like to see nice flat sections that stay that way, preferably
"ribboning" off the blade so I can mount several at once.  Know any tricks
or alternatives to Tissue Tek which may work better?  Any ideas how to deal
with static electricity? (sometimes the sections stick to the "anti-roll"
plate).  Feels like I'm battling the antichrist (and losing!),

Dave Pataky
Dept of Zoology, UBC
pataky at bdc.ubc.ca

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