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NICHOLLS PHILIP A pn8886 at thor.albany.edu
Thu Apr 28 11:57:59 EST 1994

I want to do some basic cell counts, density estimates and cell size
measurements for some well defined nuclei and I want to have some kind
of paper trail that I can keep as a record of my data collection.  One
option is to use projection microscope or camera lucida (sp?) and just
draw the suckers but that would take t ime and to tell you the truth
I really don't like working with camera lucida in this detail.

I will need to travel to different labs to examine sections that may
be fixed and hardened differently.  I need to collect data there and
analyze it here.  I am wondering if there is a scaled down version of
a program like Metamorph that can be used in conjuction with a scanner
and or/video camera and which can be accomidated on a 386 or 486 
laptop.  Finally, the software should fit into the budget of a
dissertation improvement grant.

Suggestions and pointers appreciated.

Philip Nicholls                   "To ask a question,
Department of Anthropology         you must first know
SUNY Albany                        most of the answer."
pn8886 at thor.albany.edu

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