Cryostat help!

khan at tifrvax.tifr.res.in khan at tifrvax.tifr.res.in
Thu Apr 28 17:46:21 EST 1994

Hi Dave,
           Initially I also had the same problem. As far as I know the problem
may not be with the Tissue-tek medium. Anyway some tips might prove handy
  (1)  Since you have adjusted the guide plate angle,you can proceed with the
following steps.
       Change the silica gel often.The cryostat chamber has to be moisture
       If the sections curl wipe the guide plate with alcohol and leave for
               sometime to dry.
       Don't ever touch the guide plate or try to clean it with the brush
            that you use for cleaning the knife.
       One additional factor might be that the temp of the block is a little
               than it ought to be.
   These instructions may be trivial but my experience is that it works!!!.
  Best of luck and write to me if you get over it.
P.S: A correction.
         ....the temp of the block is a little too high...........

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