Bovine encephalopathy

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> How do prion diseases relate to Alzheimer's disease? The pathology looks 
> incredibly similar, yet I'm assuming (ask me how much I _know_ about 
> Alzheimer's!) that PrP is not involved, as I haven't seen it splashed all over 
> the front cover of Nature or anything.


> Are the amyloid plaques the same as those found in prion diseases? If not, 
> could they be formed by a similar mechanism - i.e. is there another prion 
> protein, as yet undiscovered, underlying Alzheimer's disease?

I was just mentioning that in a paper we published some cases of Alz. were
misdiagnosed because of the similar pathology. HOwever, upon analysing the
gene for prp mutations were found (as seen in CJD and GSS individuals).

Secondly, i was mentioning similarities in the protein structure (repeat
region) with that of the amyloid protein.

No hard evidence, just some observations.

Regarding your previous post about species barriers - if u look at older
posts in this thread u will notice that one of the possibilities for the
explosion in BSE is due to a difference in the processing of sheep bonemeal
etc... (forgot to use my full-stops/periods today - geez the prion must be


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