Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibodies

GLENN HOLM karuzis at wccf.mit.edu
Fri Apr 29 17:26:00 EST 1994

In article <R.Burge.79.0010A5DD at bay.cc.kcl.ac.uk>, R.Burge at bay.cc.kcl.ac.uk (Richard Burge) writes...
>I'm having no end of trouble trying to stain up some cultures of ventral 
>mesencephalon/substantia nigra with a rabbit anti-tyrosine hydroxylase 
>antibody from Chemicon. I was wondering if anyone could recommend 
>any good antibodies to TH for immunocytochemistry. I have seen papers staining 
>TH positive cells after fixation in paraformaldehyde fixative with no 
>glutaraldehyde, and was wondering if perhaps TH is sensitive to glutaraldehyde.
>Any advice would be much appreciated.

yes, glutaraldehyde can influence protein conformations and change
immunostaining patterns. some antibodies are prepared using glut-
fixed antigen to stain in glut-fixed tissue. i think this is not the
case for Chemicon anti-TH. try it with straight paraformaldehyde tissue
if you can. 

also, we get good results with TH polyclonal Ab from Eugene Tech
and monoclonal from INCstar. Chemicon was not as good the one time
i tried it.

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