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Andrew Patrick andrew at alice.dgbt.doc.ca
Sat Apr 30 18:17:26 EST 1994

In article <2onk8i$q0e at sbea1.sbea> mransari at mtu.edu (Mamoon R. Ansari) writes:
>	Can anyone tell me if there is a newsgroup for people who have epilepsy?
>If not, would anyone else be interested in making one? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

There may be a newsgroup "alt.support.epilepsy", although the control message never made it here or to the backbone sites we have looked at.

I run a mailing list for discussions about epilepsy:

Epilepsy-List has been created for discussions about Epilepsy and
seizure disorders.

To subscribe to the list, send mail to

	listserv at calvin.dgbt.doc.ca
and in the body of the message put the command

	subscribe epilepsy-list Firstname Lastname
		(e.g., "subscribe epilepsy-list Andrew Patrick")

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