Cryostat help!

Paul L Pearson rambis at iastate.edu
Sat Apr 30 13:10:01 EST 1994

In <2ps0dr$p5i at agate.berkeley.edu> hcorbett at garnet.berkeley.edu () writes:

>It is highly unlikely to be the fault of your Tissue-Tek :) I cut the same
>tissue with it.
>Rolling is a different affair. Here are some parameters you should play with
>before giving up and cussing:
>a) as mentioned, temperature in the cryostat, and humidity (the room, too)
>b) the position of the anti-roll plate (should just overlap the edge of 
>the knife)
>c) the *condition* of the anti-roll plate - if it is all scratched up, you
>may want to get a new one. It doesn't take much to chew up the plastic, and
>it can be the last resort which solves all your problems.

>I find that I cut best at 10-15 microns, -22 chamber and -20 for the block.

>Good luck and don't give up!

Occasionally slicing your finger on the blade, leaving much blood may appease
the god of the microtome.  That and saying the proper ritual incantations
prior to use should take care of your problems.

Paul L. Pearson, frig-o-cut


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