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Shan Duncan duncan at loris.cisab.indiana.edu
Sat Apr 30 23:40:58 EST 1994



*	Curriculum vitae 
*	Names of three references who will provide letters of 
	recommendation (please have letters sent directly to the 
	Program in Animal Behavior)
*	Brief statement of your research interests
*	6-8 page research proposal, including the faculty members with 
	whom you might collaborate (see information on how to access
	faculty bios via Gopher and WWW below) 
*	Statement of citizenship

Send to: 

Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
Indiana University
402 N. Park
Bloomington, IN 47405


 Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed.

Our interdisciplinary group seeks to provide training that combines
mechanistic and evolutionary approaches to the study of
behavior. Fourteen faculty members from the Departments of Biology and
Psychology and the Programs in Neural Science and Medical Sciences
direct broad and intensive training in ecology and evolution, learning
and development, and neuroscience. Focal research topics include mate
choice, sexual behavior, ecology of learning, neural plasticity,
communication, orientation and migration, parental behavior, and
development. We encourage you to contact faculty sponsors in our group
with whom you may wish to work to clarify the way in which your
research may fit with facilities and ongoing research in the RTG. You
should at least include the names of potential sponsors in your
application materials.

You can access information about our faculty by connecting to the Center's 
gopher site (gopher.cisab.indiana.edu) or our World Wide Web site 
(www.cisab.indiana.edu).  Also both sites can be 
reached through the main servers at Indiana University.

 Postdoctoral positions begin at $19,600 for 12 months plus fringe
benefits and $3,000 research money.  The current position begins
September 1, 1994.  We are looking for people with exceptional
research ability who can both profit from our program and contribute
to it. Please note that the role of the postdoctoral assistant in our
training program is somewhat different than the typical post-doctoral
position. Because one of our major objectives is to produce broadly
trained Ph.D.s, we will ask our postdoctoral fellows to contribute to
the training of our graduate students. This training might take
several forms.  Post-docs will be asked to serve as a role model in
the performance of interdisciplinary research and to share the skills
that they already have.  Post-docs will also be expected to
participate in and contribute to the intellectual life of the program,
assisting in the organization of the yearly seminar program and
serving in an informal capacity as an advisor to graduate students. In
return, we hope to offer an atmosphere of active, exciting,
interdisciplinary exchange and excellent facilities for research in
animal behavior.

Applications will be kept on file for one year and reviewed
automatically as positions become available. You may also reactivate
older applications.  Please indicate the year you previously applied
for this position and provide any necessary updates or additions to
your file. According to National Science Foundation regulations, you
must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to apply.  Indiana
University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

If you have any questions, please call Diane Pecknold (812) 855-9663; fax 
(812) 855-0411; e-mail dpecknol at ucs.indiana.edu


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