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ligand binding analysis software

Dylan Bulseco bulsecod at ucs.orst.edu
Mon Dec 12 19:48:22 EST 1994

I have had the chance of (very briefly) evaluating Prism...and liked some of 
what I saw.  The built in functions for ligand binding data were great (as 
were the statistical results).  I ran into much problems when attempting to 
use 'user' entered equations.  Even the simple expt of copying the built in 
logistic equation and pasting into the user enter equation box led to a 10 
fold increase in time to complete fitting.  I never did attempt more complex 
equations (ie: three site fits).  Also, there were a few "bugs" in the version 
that I tried (well, if I were stretching it, I guess they could be called 

Another package out there that we regularly use is Origin for Windows.  It is 
a basic data analysis package, and has built functions to fit (non-linear) the 
logistic, boltzman, hyperbola, and exponential equations.  It also works well 
for user entered equations (ie: derived 1, 2 or 3-site equations for 
competition data).  It (of course) has its weaknesses...but so far, after 
evaluating Prism, Deltagraph, SigmaPlot, Scientist, and Plot-It, I am still 
sold on Origin.

In article <Pine.SGI.3.91.941129111930.20601A-100000 at helix.nih.gov> "Dr. Larry 
Mahan" <lcmahan at helix.nih.gov> writes:>From: "Dr. Larry Mahan" 
<lcmahan at helix.nih.gov>>Subject: Re: ligand binding analysis software 
>Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 16:53:17 GMT

>I believe that Peter Munson, one of the original authors of LIGAND has 
>rewritten the software for MACs and PCs.  He is still located at the NIH 
>in the Division of Computer Resource and Technology at 301-496-2972.  
>Another good program for analysis of pharmacological binding assays is 
>PRISM (DOS name: GraphPad InPlot) from GraphPad, Inc. in San Diego, CA. 
>It has good curve fitting with built in Cheng-Prusoff corrections for 
>Ki's, etc.  The only thing I don't remember if it has built in is the one 
>site-two site statistical significance values but it does do significance 
>of fit for either and the value can be looked up in an F table.

>Larry Mahan
>Lab of Neurochemistry, NINDS, NIH

>On Fri, 25 Nov 1994 towersn at agresearch.cri.nz wrote:

>> Hi!
>> Anyone out there know of good (cheap) software for analysis of ligand binding 
>> data - Scatchard plots, Ka's etc etc. Only one I have heard is LIGAND written 
>> 1980 in BASIC.  Does anyone run this? Know where to get a listing?
>> Thanks to anyone who can help :->

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