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Shawn Casey casey at adra.com
Fri Dec 16 14:02:50 EST 1994

> My 11 year old son was seen yesterday by a neurologist at Childrens 
> hospital.  I described to him what I called periods when I noticed
> my son would "blank" out, lasting about 2-4 seconds.  The neurologist
> had my son blow a tissue (held close to his mouth) with as much force 
> as he could, for about 3 minutes.  During this time, my son exibited 
> exactly what I had described.  During the few seconds that it lasted,
> the neurologist said something to my son (like the sky is blue), and
> when my the episode was over, the neurologist asked him if he had heard 
> what he had said.  My son said he hadn't.  I have a few questions about
> all of this.
> 1.  Why did blowing the tissue for 3 minutes cause my son to exibit what
>     I had been attributing to happening only during times of great 
>     concentration (such as when trying to problem solve, reason, etc.)?
> 2.  Why does my son need to be deprived of sleep the night before the
>     EEG (no more than 4 hours)?
> 3.  What are the medications Zarontin (Ethosuximide), and what are the 
>     side affects should my son end up taking them?
> 4.  Why did an EEG done at age 5 not detect any of this?  
> 5.  What is the difference between giving an EEG to an adult vs. a child?
> 6.  How can the onset of puberty stop this from happening (I was told
>     puberty can make these episodes go away)?
> 7.  How can I learn more about this before the EEG, so I understand better
>     what is going to be done, how it should be done, and what the
>     results will really mean?
> If this newsgroup is not the right place to post this message, I would also 
> appreciate any information on where I should post this message.
> Thanks in advance for any information that may answer any of my questions.
> Barbara

  You may want to try the ListServer "Epilepsy-List". It is a good group for
these types of questions. Here are the instructions to subscribe to the list.

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