encyclopedia of neuroscience

Kevin Clancy PhD clancy at DRUID.HSC.COLORADO.EDU
Thu Jul 7 15:05:18 EST 1994

Could you please give a fuller reference about the Encyclopedia of 
Neuroscience, please. Also if you do hear about this database, could you 
please post it on the net.
Thanks for your time. 
Yours sincerely,
Kevin Clancy
clancy at druid.hsc.colorado.edu

On 7 Jul 1994 BIFLOREY at NYX.UNI-KONSTANZ.DE wrote:

> hi everybody, has anyone heard about the about to come neuroscience-database th
> at was announced by Birkhaeuser in the Preface to the Encycl.of Neurosc. (ed. b
> y George Adelman). Has it come to earth?
> Frank Pfrieger.email biflorey at nyx.uni-konstanz.de

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