Brain damage

Bob Sholl bob.sholl at almac.co.uk
Thu Jul 7 18:50:00 EST 1994

Can anyone please help?

I am not a medically oriented person, nor do I have any medical 
training. If I am posting in the wrong conference would someone please 
point me in the right direction.

My 16 year old niece was taken ill last Christmas with epiglotitis 
which developed very quickly possibly worsened by an allergic reaction 
to penicillen. She was rushed to hospital and whilst there the 
condition worsened to the point that her air-way was cut off and she 
could not breathe. The staff there were not able to open her air-way 
quickly enough and she suffered two heart attacks and brain damage - I 
believe due to oxygen starvation.

Since then she has been in a coma, originally very deep, but now quite 
shallow - she seems to be able to sense people in the room and will 
laugh at a joke that is being made. She also crys a lot and now opens 
her eyes, although I'm not sure she knows what she sees.

Sorry about the long preamble (and probable incorrect spellings) we 
would like to know:-

1) What is the difference between being "brain dead" and being "brain-
stem dead"?

2) Does anyone know who is the leading neurologist in the UK?

3) Does anyone know who is the leading neurologist in the world?

4) Can I get any information via the Internet? The UK Health Service 
is not exactly forthcoming with explanations of a patients condition.

Thanks in advance,


bob.sholl at almac.co.uk

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