Q:Impact of PET or MRI on models in cog sci, AI, or psychology.

Kevin Spencer kspencer at iti.org
Sun Jul 10 21:24:06 EST 1994

cgsst+ at pitt.edu (Clifton G Slater) writes:

> I am preparing a paper on the impact of the use of PET (positron
>emission tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for brain
>function mapping on current models and theories in cognitive science,
>artificial intelligence, or psychology.  The medical literature is rich
>with studies of these techniques to study the etiology of a host of
>diseases or brain trauma, but I have had little success in locating any
>literature on how these techniques/studies have influenced current models
>or theories of brain function in the above disciplines.  I would appreciate
>any pointers to relevant papers, theses, or dissertations in these areas. 

Here are a few sources that come to mind immediately (I may be garbling
the titles/authors):

  "Images of Mind" by Michael Posner and Marcus Raichle, a Scientific
  American book.

  A recent article in Sci. Am. (this year) by the above two authors.

  A new book edited by Michael Gazzaniga, "The Cognitive Neurosciences", is
  coming out soon (MIT Press?).

  The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and the Journal of Neuroscience,
  among other journals, publish work that involves functional brain mapping.

I don't think any data from functional brain mapping have substantially
altered any theories about cognition, but eventually I'm sure they will.
The field is still very new.

Your address says you're at U. Pittsburgh -- Walter Schneider, in the
Psychology Dept. there, does PET and (I think) fMRI work, so you have
sources on campus you can check with.

Kevin Spencer
Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory and Beckman Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
kspencer at p300.cpl.uiuc.edu / kspencer at psych.uiuc.edu

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