Angiotensin, glutamate action

Dr. Ben Inglis binglis at ufthm.health.ufl.edu
Fri Jul 15 17:17:30 EST 1994

Is anyone familiar with the effects of acute doses of angiotensin or
glutamate (or any other chemical for that matter) in the rodent brain?
Does the introduction of large doses of neurotransmitter, e.g. by
lateral ventricular cannulation, fire neurons and lead to an increase
of blood volume locally, as would be the case for neurons fired naturally?
If so, any estimates of numbers of neurons fired, anatomical locations,
duration of the response (and clearing rate), level of haemodynamic
response etc.?  Answers to the latter points in relation to "normal"
neuronal activation would be particularly valuable.

Thanks in advance for any pertinent information.


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