retina mailing-list ?

Thor Eysteinsson thoreys at rhi.hi.is
Sat Jul 16 15:41:33 EST 1994

In <3094sf$3m4 at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> beaudot at tirf.inpg.fr (William Beaudot) writes:
>Does it exist a mailing-list dedicated to the vertebrate retina 
>(and all its aspects in visual processing) ?

>Are there people on the net interested by this idea ?

>If yes, keep me informed of your interest.


>	William

There is something called the CVNet (Color and vision network) which has 
all this.  You can subscribe to it by posting a message to

		CVNet at vm1.yorku.ca

I actually just did, and got from them a large file of thousands
of e-mail addresses of all the "big-shots" in retinal and vision research. 
 It is updated regularly.  They also have announcements of meetings and
jobs that have been advertised in this area of research. Try it out!

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