FLUOXETINE withdrawal

Bonnie Stewart bonnie at amtron1.login.qc.ca
Sat Jul 16 17:18:00 EST 1994

I have heard too many contrary opinions on the best way 
to withdraw from Fluoxetine.

Patient's diagnosis is Borderline Schizophrenia. 
She is also withdrawing from benzodiazapines, anti-convulsants and basic 
tranquilizers. She endured a six-week run of Paxil in February/94 which 
she could not tolerate. She has been in two overdose-induced comas since that 
time. She is thirty five years old, female, and feels like Roseanne Barr 
on her worst day. She is using a staggered approach to fluoxetine withdrawal 
(one day on, one day off) but finds herself snapping at people.

She frankly just wants to get off medication, especially since I've told 
her that this type of disorder (a.k.a. borderline personality disorder 
or, ambulatory schizophrenia et al) is not clinically known to be best 
treated with medication or other therapeutic interventions. She has reduced 
the benzodiazepine intake by 75% and has completely eliminated the 

Side-effects thus far: anti-cholinergic, weight gain, restlessness and 
insomnia/nightmares. MD's won't help her. She seems to "belong" to her 
psychiatrist. I would apreciate any help, even largely unproven opinions.

Thank you,

Diane "Bonnie" Stewart                             bonnie at amtron1.login.qc.ca

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