Antibody to L1 neural adhesion mol.

Donald Wigston meddjw at emoryu1.cc.emory.edu
Wed Jul 20 12:17:44 EST 1994

Garry P. Nolan (phactor at netcom.com) wrote:
: I am looking for commercially available antibody to the neural adhesion 
: molecule L1 cloned by Moos et al (nature, 334, p 701, 1988).  It can be 
: monoclonal or polyclonal antisera.

: If anybody knows of a source I would greatly appreciate knowing the name 
: and telephone #.  You can e-mail me here or at gnolan at cmgm.stanford.edu

: Thank you for your help.

: Garry P. Nolan
: Dept. of Molecular Pharmacology
: Stanford University

I don't know of a commercial source but Carl Lagenauer at U Pittsburgh,
Vance Lemmon at Case Western and Tom Jessell at Columbia have monoclonals. 

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