strange units in Brain Research

Douglas Fitts dfitts at u.washington.edu
Wed Jul 20 11:54:46 EST 1994

An article in Brain Research uses some units I've never run into before,
and I've exhausted my limited resources in my office and my colleagues'
offices.  The authors are from Leipzig, Munich, and Quebec if that's a

Apparently referring to concentrations of tritiated amino acids and 
glucose or 14C tagged mannitol, etc., the authors use the units:

TBq mmol(-1)  and GBq mmol(-1)

where (-1) is of course an exponent.  What are these TBq and GBq?
I'm guessing T is tera and G is giga.  I've no clue as to the Bq.

Later, referring to a permeability surface area product (the paper is 
about transfer across the blood-brain barrier) they use the units:


I've often seen the PS product as ml/g/min, but what's 'hg'?

Thanks for any help or ideas.

Doug Fitts
University of WAshington

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