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# Apparently referring to concentrations of tritiated amino acids and 
# glucose or 14C tagged mannitol, etc., the authors use the units:
# TBq mmol(-1)  and GBq mmol(-1)
# where (-1) is of course an exponent.  What are these TBq and GBq?
# I'm guessing T is tera and G is giga.  I've no clue as to the Bq.

According to CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics:

Bq = becquerel, that is a unit for radioactivity (number of decays /
second), 1 MBq = 27 microcurie
# Later, referring to a permeability surface area product (the paper is 
# about transfer across the blood-brain barrier) they use the units:
# ml/hg/min
# I've often seen the PS product as ml/g/min, but what's 'hg'?

probably hectogram = 100 grams.

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