Crossed nervous systems

Richard Strauch strauch at lilly.com
Thu Jul 21 07:21:05 EST 1994

Brian Scott (scott at PSYCH.TORONTO.EDU) wrote:
>I think this would be the place to ask such a question, so here it is.
>What are the current theories as to why the nervous system is mostly crossed?
>What are the benefits which are thought to be gained from such a setup?

I had always thought that this was mainly a consequence of topological
changes that the "proto"-CNS undergoes in the early stages of
development when there is a massive multiplication and then migration
of cells.  I could well be wrong though - it's just one of those things
that stuck in my mind, don't know where from!!

> : > A  novice wants to know.  :-)
> : So does this one!
> Count me in, too.

Add me to the growing list!

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