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In article <roger.57.000F2AEC at anatsg1.unil.ch> roger at anatsg1.unil.ch (Roger DuBois) writes:
>Dolphins are nice fishy looking things but frankly they are bloody 
>Flies, with their very tiny heads make a better job of looking after 
>themselves than these "flippers'.  Try sticking a harpoon into
>good old "Musca domestica"
>Dophins have large brains because they use sonar and that  requires a lot of 
>computation. Same sort of thing is done everyday in hospitals around the 
>world.  It just requires a lot of hardware.
>Stupid, they are just bloody stupid.
>And people waste time trying to talk to them.  What the hell do you think
>they will say:

Definition: Flamebait
Procedure: Ignore

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