Dynamics of Mammalian Neurons

HARRY R. ERWIN herwin at mason1.gmu.edu
Sat Jul 23 08:47:45 EST 1994

The mammalian neuron is compartmented by dendritic spines. Each spine 
functions in much the same way as a whole invertebrate neuron, so that 1) 
the computational capabilities of the mammalian neuron exceed those of 
the invertebrate neuron by several orders of magnitude and 2) the 
internal dynamics of the dendritic tree are significant in the processing 
of the mammalian neuron. For example, if you increase the rate of 
excitatory pulses arriving at the neuron as a whole, the gain increases. 
This suggests that Freeman's KI dynamics may have some validity for 
single, whole mammalian neurons. Has anyone investigated this?

Harry Erwin
Internet: herwin at gmu.edu 
Just a dumb engineer working on Katchalsky nets....

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