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I'm posting this message trying to collect as many informations as I can
about a disease that is killing the father of a friend of mine, in Italy.

I've been told that researches are still at a starting point, for what concerns this disease, but I'm hoping to know a little bit more, and maybe to find
someone who can help us by posting this article.

I'm not a medical expert, therefore I'm posting this message in all the news 
groups I think it can be useful.

Sorry if I'm not in the right news group.

Instead, if you have any kind of informations, news, articles, or even if you
know someone who can help me, please reply by e-mail at my address:

		almes at drmail.dr.att.com


Here is what I'm looking for:


It hits the neural system, and practically paralyzes who is sick for this
disease, without stopping his brain.
It has two main forms of development, one is faster and it is called Primary
Lateral Sclerosis, and the other is slower and it is called Progressive
Lateral Sclerosis.

This man that I know, in Italy, seems to have the fastest one, unfortunately.

His relatives are almost desperate, because they can not find anyone to
help them, in Italy.

Therefore I'm trying to contact as many people as I can.

PLEASE, if you can help me, PLEASE...contact me!

THANKS, and sorry for bothering who's not interested.


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