GABAergic Synapses

HARRY R. ERWIN herwin at mason1.gmu.edu
Tue Jul 26 10:29:39 EST 1994

HARRY R. ERWIN (herwin at mason1.gmu.edu) wrote:
: GABAergic synapses are generally assumed to be inhibitory, but it was a
: GABAergic synapse that Tom Vogl predicted would be switchable from
: inhibitory to excitatory, and that Dan Alkon eventually confirmed to be
: so.  

Found the following reference:

McIntire, Jorgenson, Kaplan, and Horvitz, 1993, 'The GABAergic nervous
system of Caenorhabditis elegans,' Nature, 364:337-341, 22 July 1993. 

Bingo. They identified excitatory GABAergic neurons.

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